Witness Examination

Witness Examination is one of SCULA’s newer events, having only sent students to external competitions from 2018. Witness Examination (Wit-Ex) is essentially a mock civil or criminal trial, and places students in the position of the counsel in said trial. Students must think on their feet to examine and cross examine a pair of witnesses. This competition tests your ability to develop a case theory, interact with a judge and witnesses, and deliver opening and closing remarks accurately. 

In each round, students are given one hour with a problem to identify the issues and develop a case theory. This means that other than knowledge of courtroom procedures and the laws of evidence, there is no preparation required for Witness examination. The competition takes place immediately after this, and involves counsel giving an opening address to the judge, examining and cross examining two witnesses, and finally giving closing remarks. 

This competition fosters flexible and dynamic thinkers, and reinforces important procedural and evidentiary knowledge. If you’ve ever wanted to experience the thrill of examining witnesses in the courtroom (or if you’ve just ever wanted to say “I object” to a judge and mean it), Witness Examination is the competition for you! 

What will you be judged on? 

·       Opening and closing address

·       Examination in chief

·       Cross examination

·       Manner, advocacy and expression

·       Case theory