Cassandra Hayden President

My name is Cassandra Hayden and I am the President of SCULA. I am motivated to provide excellent service to students by focusing on building effective, sustainable and collaborative relationships between SCU law students and the SCU Law Faculty and law practitioners. The SCULA team and I aim to develop further opportunities for practical activities to help SCU Law students transition from an academic perspective and understanding the application of these principles.

I am in my third-year of the Bachelor of Laws (LLB). I have significantly enjoyed the study of law at Southern Cross University and learning from the challenges of the study of law. I moved to the Gold Coast from Sydney's Northern Beaches to pursue full-time studies, having been an online SCU student for a year. I have found the change refreshing and am enjoying the fantastic lifestyle of the Gold Coast.

Feel free to get in touch about getting more involved with SCULA or for any questions you might have. All the best!


Sita Hayne Vice President

Hi everyone, my name is Sita and I’m currently in my third year of the Bachelor of Laws (LLB) here at SCU. This will be my second term on the Committee where I previously held the position of Vice President of Education so I can’t wait to continue working with SCULA in the role of Vice President to ensure that students are getting the most out of their studies while at SCU. I am passionate about creating a community of law students at SCU and being able to offer students with relevant and competitive extra-curricular activities such as mooting, networking and other such things that will set you up for success upon finishing your degree. It is invaluable as a student to be surrounded by fellow students and friends working towards a common goal, which is what I hope we can be for you. Further, I hope that we can be a voice of advocacy for all students of Law and Justice. I hope to see you in class or at some of our events, all the best!


Eliza Magnus Vice President (Administration)

Hi! My name is Eliza, and I am a first year law student. I started out in the Bachelor of Legal Justice Studies and have recently moved into the LLB. In my role as the VP of Administration, and more importantly as a member of SCULA, it is my goal to help students who are struggling to create a cohesive work/study balance and advocate for students so that they are able to gain the most out of their studies, be this through a more effective delivery of content or the opportunity to develop relationships with those already working in the legal professions. Basically, whilst I do the background work to make things pretty I also want to advocate for you!


Amylee Quirk Vice President (Competitions)

Hey! My name is Amylee Quirk, and I am the Vice President of Competitions for SCULA. I am currently a second year law student here at Southern Cross, and completed a Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science) in 2016 at Bond. In my time there I was the Vice President of the Bond University Sustainability Society (BUSS) and the Secretary for the Bond University Equestrian Club (BUEC). I hope to bring the leadership and teamwork skills I obtained in these positions at Bond to my current position at Southern Cross, and aim to increase student engagement and involvement at the uni through competitions. I am passionate about competing in events such as mooting and witness examination, as I believe they are a great way to obtain valuable industry-relevant experience, as well as increase confidence and public speaking skills, and meet new people. I look forward to working with you all more closely in the coming year.


Hannah Roach Vice President (Events)

Hi, I'm a third year Law student at SCU and I organise events for the student faculty. I have a background in humanities and community services, as well as events and hospitality, and I am interested in family law, and international human rights. My goal on the SCULA committee is to continue the work of previous VP's in establishing greater student connections both professionally, educationally and socially while studying at SCU.


James Ellis-Smith Vice President (Education)

My name is James, and I'm the Vice-President of Education. What is that? It means that I'm responsible for working with other members of the executive to provide information that is not specifically taught through the formal channels. For example, etiquette when Mooting or the specifics of competing in WITEX. My portfolio is wide-reaching, and encompasses a lot. It is my intention to make the most of this opportunity with SCULA.