A word from the Vice President (Education)

The Education Portfolio in SCULA is focused on being transparent with information. The knowledge and wisdom we learn from competing in Moot and WITEX competitions will be passed on to all law students at SCU. So far, we have worked in collaboration with the Vice President of Competitions to develop a WITEX guide for students, which was developed with practical experience from our efforts in the latest QILC WITEX competition in 2018. In addition, SCULA has created Competitions Rules for all competitors at SCU to provide more guidance for our competitors.

For the rest of my time in office, I will be working closely with the School of Law and Justice to develop a working legal centre at SCU, where students can volunteer their time. This will be my primary focus with this portfolio, as practical legal experience is vital. It will also allow students an opportunity to experience lawyer-client interactions, contribute to society and provide some legal experience for people who may not have any on their resume. The 2018 student survey that was recently conducted by my predecessor, showed that 100% of students who participated wanted a legal centre at SCU. So that’s what this office will work towards accomplishing.