Client Interviewing

Client Interviewing requires students to engage in ‘everyday advocacy’ with a prospective client. It is a skill which will prove invaluable to future careers. Client Interviewing is a mock consultation between a prospective client and a solicitor. The student competing is obviously the solicitor. The competition rewards students who can be personable and professional when faced with difficult ethical and legal issues. Students learn to communicate accurate legal advice in plain English and consider the practical steps required to achieve the outcomes their client seeks. The competition requires students to discover or identify facts relevant to the case scenario provided, as well as provide accurate legal and ethical advice to their client.  Just as in practice, clients may be difficult to obtain information from, which can Client Interviewing  an interesting and challenging event!

What will you be judged on?

·      Rapport with client

·      Discovery/identification of story

·      Identification of relevant legal issues

·      Application of facts to legal issues

·      Conclusion and advice

·      Client care

·      Self reflection